How to find a textile exports partner from Pakistan?

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April 6, 2019
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Pakistan is one of the biggest cotton producers in the world. Pakistan is currently ranked at #4 with the three other biggest cotton producers being United States, China and neighboring country of India. Consequently, Pakistan heavily relies on cotton for its exports.

During the early 21st Century, Pakistan faced a severe power shortage which led to a huge blow to the cotton industry. However, private and government sector organizations have been active to bring Pakistan’s textile industry to the forefront once again. The government-initiated Cotton Vision 2015 worked to boost the production of cotton in Pakistan up to 20 million bales in four years.

Industries like textile, home decoration items, bed ware, knitwear, fabrics, and even handicrafts rely on every growing cotton industry of Pakistan. There are thousands of daily use items in each of these broad categories that contribute to the overall exports of Pakistan.

Pakistan has about 14% share in the global cotton industry. Also, Pakistan relies on the cotton industry for 55% of its annual export earnings. The numbers show how important this industry is to the economy of Pakistan. Therefore, the government and private sectors have been working on ways to improve the overall yield and make the trade easier between other nations of the world.

Tapping into such a Pakistan’s cotton industry is a lucrative choice for many foreign textile importers, exporters and trade businesses. Despite the fast evolution of doing business over the internet, it is still very hard to find a reliable textile exports partner from Pakistan. The traditional ways like textile exhibitions, exports events, etc. are still being used to explore new venues but it involves a lot of logistics and is often time consuming.

This is why, I am writing this blogpost to list a few options that are currently available that can help you find a suitable exports partner in Pakistan.

Google Maps!

The first and foremost option is to Google for textile export partners. There are a number of textile trading firms that have setup their address on Google Maps. You can read through the reviews and contact the traders through the information provided on the maps.

Narrow Down Search

Internet has penetrated into the Pakistani market at a fast pace over the past decade but there are still a number of companies that you wouldn’t find on Google Maps. To further narrow down your search, you will have to use targeted keywords in a bid to find the specific type of trader you’re looking for.

Search Chamber of Commerce and Industry Database

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry operate under the Government of Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce. Each province has sub-chapters of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in major cities that have offices and maintain a database of traders, businesses and other industry specific firms. The official websites of the Chamber and Commerce and Industry of a specific city can provide an authentic list of textile exporter that you can partner with to flourish your business.

Find a trading union

The trading unions are either registered with a government body or operate independently. Each industry has one or more unions that work for combined agendas. You can search for contact details to such unions and look for a potential textile exports partner of your needs.

Online Directories

Traders usually list their products in online directories where you can find information like what products they manufacture, what countries they export to and the quantity of orders that they can manage to take in a specific amount of time.

In conclusion, the trading sector is slowly making its way to online platforms which is why a lot of information might be publicly available. I have the above five ways can help you find your suitable textile exports partner in Pakistan. Once you find a suitable name, don’t forget to check the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to verify the authenticity of the trader.

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